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Zombie skin workflow problem

Hi everyone. I'm a 3d art student and I got stuck with my showreel project. So I'm sculpting a model based on a painting where the main character is a zombie-like woman on a zombie horse. So the problem I have is that there is a lot of hanging skin, holes in the body and other skin details and I don't know how to approach this.

So in the final render I wanted to make the skin moving the wind. Should I sculpt every detail in ZBrush and retopo in Maya, can it be done with just a displacement or with Substance Designer, or is there any other way that would be the best in this situation?


  • Eric Chadwick
    Cool project! Both those approaches could work for the highpoly source to bake from. Depends on your skill levels with sculpting, vs. with procedural mixing. I suspect sculpting, including alphas, would be the quickest. Good procedural mixing is easy to start but difficult to master. For realistic hanging folds on the highpoly, a cloth sim could really help.
  • sylvg_art
     I think I feel more confident with sculpting as I used ZBrush for a couple of years now when I've just started learning Substance Designer. I will experiment in Substance in free time but I want to get the results as fast as possible so I'll go with ZBrush first. Thank you :)
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