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Environment diorama scene - Grifo de agua

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Robert Berrier polycounter lvl 10
Started a new project last week. Since my previous one is in the final QA phase, meaning I have room for something new.

After being inspired by a trip in Spain. I just had to build something in 3D. Here is the current blockout.

I will be using Zbrush to create high poly models, to the bake those down to low poly.
Style wise I will go for a mix of stylized sculpting with semi-realistic textures.
My aim is to bring out the feeling of old ruined walls and architecture which over time have been repurposed for housing and modern use.
For example, the window frame you see on the right side. Will be seal up with brick or stone since it now functions as a solid wall.

Here is the current main camera perspective. The scene shows a public water tab (Grifo de agua).

There will be much foliage and wild growth in the scene. Currently represented with the dark green sphere's.

Any feedback is welcome. Currently that would be the composition of the scene and the camera perspective, shapes and where things are.

Thanks in advanced.


Robert Berrier


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