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Can you give a feedback of my portfolio please?

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JulioCruzalta polycounter lvl 2
Hi there,
I appreciate if someone can give me a feedback of my portfolio. I want to be a game artist (modeler, prop or environment artist), but I don't have luck finding a job.
Please help me!!! 


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Yeah sure!

    - I'm not digging the white lines over your art in your ArtStation banner.

    In Dragon Fortress, your textures all look flat (the floor and the wall/rail material. Maybe try some tesselation and/or increasing the normal intensity. I don't really think the textures in this piece are up to professional level. Maybe look into damage decals for the edges of pillars and such. I would honesty add some geo to these pieces to give more depth. The bumps you sculpted in the road look really bad. They should be separate meshes. It looks like the dragon is meant to be the focal point, but I honestly didn't notice the dragon until I was looking at the image for a while. What does draw my eye in is the flames, due to their contrast, and everything else is competing for attention. It's snowing, but there is no snow on the ground. I feel like the meshes used in this are too simple to be the first thing in your portfolio, and you may want to consider hiding this project from your folio.

    Japanese Graveyard: Looks like you used depth of field, and its made the majority of the image our of focus. DOF should probably just be used when focusing on a focal point in the foreground. Once again, I feel the majority of objects are too simple to impress a potential employer. The pagoda looks like it should be the focal point but its in the dark and, what should be a hero prop underneath it, is a simple rectangle. If the leafy trees are well done, they're too dark, distant, and blurry for me to be able to tell. The foreground trees are pretty simple as well.

    Darksiders II: The purple smoke is confusing me and I'm having trouble separating it from the mesh. I dunno... maybe lower opacity on the smoke?. The sculpt and presentation are dope. Condense images 2 and 3 into one image. So far this is your strongest piece.

    Axe: Dope! Consider another condensed image where you show off a different angle, the sculpt, and the wireframe all in one image, to cut down on how many images this project has. I would avoid using a higher angled view for your prop renders (such as in image 3). Add a wireframe snapshot/overlay onto your 2D texture image in the second to last image. The last image should replace the first.

    Generous Woman's House: Remove from your portfolio. Maybe keep it in if you'll be applying to studios which do mobile games. The texel density varies throughout the props, which isn't good.

    Scepter of Dragon Egg: Remove from your portfolio, it's not up to par. The sculpt is neat but the texturing needs a load of work.

    Devil Stone Column: Remove from your portfolio. It's not up to par either.

    357 Magnum: Remove. Looks like you didnt bake down bevels. You didn't use enough polygons, the handle looks like plastic, not wood. I would reference other people's guns on ArtStation and you can easily see a quality difference.

    Coca Cola machine is cool but needs a re-render. Right now the HDRI reflections are hurting the image. I think you could have used more polygons on the holes.

    Train: Remove from your portfolio. The texturing isn't up to par. It kind of makes the model look like a toy. The back cart's rust looks super blotchy. I honestly am more interested in the wireframe, and the only wireframe you have is pretty small in one of the images.

    Flints of Heart: Remove. Far too simple and if I didn't know it was flint due to the title, I wouldn't know what I was looking at.

    I'm going to stop here, as this might be where a recruiter stops. I will say to keep the Mexican food restaurant in your portfolio, remove the Farnsworth House, and maybe pick your best 2 archviz projects for your portfolio (maybe La Isla Bar and Insurgentes).

    Now, I don't know where you're applying to, but if I was looking to hire you, I would need to know that you know how to make complex, meshes, as well as sub-D meshes. I think you should focus on making stylized stuff cuz your axe and darksiders sculpts are fun, but make full environments. Just make sure to put as much work into all the aspects of the environments as you do with these individual pieces. Your portfolio is in need of a big cull at the moment. I feel you're almost there, you just gotta keep pushing yourself, and make an environment or two up to the quality of those two sculpts. Good luck!!!
  • JulioCruzalta
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    JulioCruzalta polycounter lvl 2
    Thank you so much Ashervisalis!!! I will take this into account and I will work more hard. :)
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