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[WIP] IG88 - Star Wars - Feedback wanted

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ShwangShwing polycounter lvl 3
Hello, I have been working on this model of IG88 and I am rather close to point of rigging him for animation, the final presentation will be done in Marmoset. 

The textures did not translate 1:1 from substance and a lot of details such as the rust layers do not show as prominent as they did in substance. And I am also a bit uncertain if anything else should be done about the colours across the entire character. I would appreciate any feedback or comments on the colours or rendering. Any tips are welcome.


  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron interpolator
    I think the bevels, finer details around the head, and materials need more work. Not sure what ref you're working from. Found some good pics. 

    MOAR images
  • slosh
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    slosh hero character
    Your texturing is incredibly blurry.  Is your texture resolution high enough?  Maybe you can show what you had in Painter so we can see what the intended look was.  There might be issues with how ur materials are set up in Unreal causing this noticeable dropoff in quality perhaps?
  • ShwangShwing
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    ShwangShwing polycounter lvl 3
    Here are pictures from substance if you need, head is from editor, the arm is from Iray. Texture resolution fills the whole UV and is exported in 4096x4096, but I think I solved the textures by turning off the sRGB palette in Marmoset (Not using Unreal) in order to get the correct colour values, and increase the strength of the rust and details as they are less prominent in Marmoset. 

    I tried to get as close as possible to the movie version of the head, Sideshow figure has most body details which was the reference for the majority of the model. I wanted to mix the original look and the details from the toy body. 
    Thanks, I will check out some of the geometry on the head, perhaps normal paint around the edges.

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