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[PAID] Lead Animator needed for REVEL HOUSE animated series

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Hello there, my name is Dee of REVEL HOUSE!

We are a production team that is home to anime related comedy content on YouTube. Our current flagship show is a 2D animated series called Mii Time! We're transitioning into the lands of 3D and are looking for a lead animator that is well versed in toon shading and Blender! SFM is also acceptable.

The average runtime of the show is usually 4-6 minutes long with most resources used from the Steam workshop. We aim to release a pilot episode initially. Unfortunately, the budget for the pilot episode is between $400-450 as we're only a small team. But when it gets fully funded through the Patreon, we will turn it into a full series consisting of five episodes, original assets, and a higher budget.

If working with a laid back team on a fun series about anime catgirls interests you, please contact me through my Email or Twitter DMs and provide examples of your work!


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