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Abandoned House UE4 (WIP- Critique Wanted)

Hi all! I got some advice recently to try documenting my projects on a forum to help stay motivated to finish them, so I'm trying that out!
This scene that was originally done as an art test (I got permission to post) and I've decided I want to try and push it further to be a proper portfolio piece. More photos on my ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1y2rx
Here's a little list of my current goals going into this, both personal ones and ones based on feedback I've already received: 
  • Add a surrounding environment. I'm planning to go with an Arizona Desert theme. (red sand, shrubs, dry vines/grass, rocks)
  • Add more variation to the repeating textures. Maybe some vertex painting, more/better decals.
  • Model out the edge of the roof to follow the curved silhouette of the tiles.
  • Add more worn board variants with broken edges
  • Re-light the whole scene in UE4.
Basic environment idea sketch:

All critiques/suggestions appreciated!


  • seschagrenda
    Here's an update of my progress! it's been pretty slow. 

    I'm really struggling with getting the lighting to look decent, It's a constant battle between the landscape becoming blown out and the house looking too dark... I think solving this may just come down to darkening and de-saturating the landscape textures to match the pallet of the house more closely.

    I added some geometry to the roof to match the curvature of the tiles, the effect is subtle but I think it looks far less like a texture-on-a-flat-surface now. 
    starting to move onto the rocks an foliage now-  I think the first rock turned out pretty nice for being my first rock ever :D

    critiques and suggestions appreciated!
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    I think in that environment sand would get in everywhere. Dust and sand would be in every crack in that wood and every crevice that barn has. So yea, you could lighten the textures by alot and maybe tint them slightly to a sandy color.
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis high dynamic range
    Hey, the rest of the building is so broken and damaged, make sure to break the roof a little in order to break up that straight perfect line. Maybe throw some sand hills in front of the house to break up those straight lines as well.

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