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Substance Painter - Reading the log file

polycounter lvl 3
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arnareli polycounter lvl 3
Hey Polycount! 

I've been using painter now for some years and have been up and down the road with trying to push the limits of the program and my hardware at the time but I think it's time now and should have done it way sooner to learn to read the log file to troubleshoot on my own when I run into problems!

I have yet to find any guide on how to read it, some of the lines are self explanatory but a lot of the text means nothing to me.. I want to be able to pin point any information that could be causing my scenes to crash for example.

Has anyone seen any good glossary of terms or a guide from devs for people to learn to read this? it might be sitting right in front of me but so far I have not found any 
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