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TextureWOrks: Ai Based Original PBR Texture Generator from Small Sample

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TextureWOrks Download: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1140360/TextureWorks/​

 TextureWorks: Artificial Intelligence Based texture Synthesizer, image high resolution converter & texture Map generator with over 1600 free textures. It has everything you need to build a complete texture from small patches or samples of images of your desired size.

In addition with the capability of generating all sorts of texture maps, it has also the tool for increasing the resolution of the images with advance artificial intelligence based algorithms to scale images to HD or 4K scale. From the task of texture generation to texture completion, texture re-scaling and texture map generation; this software is a one stop shop to get all these solution in one package. Not only that you will also have a plethora of sample texture libraries (of over 1,600 textures of various types) for ready to be used in your 3D/2D Games at no additional cost. Texture Library Includes: Bark, Brickwalls,Concrete, Eatables, Extras, Fabric, Floor, Grassland, Ground, Hedge, Marble, Metal, Rusted Metal, Moss, Organic, Paintchips, ROad, Roof, Rust, Skin, Stones, Stonewalls, Walls2, Weathered Walls & Wood.​​ #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #IndieGameDev #unity3d #UE4 #texture #pbr #assets #tools #indiegame #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #IndieGameDev #unity3d #UE4 #gamedev #assets #tools #indiegames #madewithunity

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