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Vanilla Walk Blocking, Looking for Critiques Please


  • AlexAng
    First off the front view is looking great, nice weight shifts even in blocking.

    In the side view I don't get as much of the weight of the walk, there's just not any up and down and rotation on the torso. For a polished walk the spine and everything attached will compress slightly to convey the weight of the character. It will also be offset from what the hips are doing so when the hips are moving up the spine might be compressing in slightly and then back out right after the front foot comes down. Head and neck are even further offset from the chest but don't go too crazy.

    You should just test putting this into spline and checking your legs for Ik pop. I think the leg spacing currently will give you some Ik problems down the line so you might want to go back and adjust how far out the foot is spaced. This could also solve a different problem where it doesn't fee like he's moving fast enough for the space he's covering. 

    Finally I'm not that crazy about you back foot poses as they go into the passing position. I know it's a style choice to really drag the toe back but here I'm recommending it just because currently he'd have to consciously flex his ankle and I don't think that's intentional.
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