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refraction not rendering cut out at certain angles marmoset

So Im having a weird issue where things were going hunky dory until i tried to get fancy with some angles in Marmoset. I've tried turning of all of the lights, and even expanding the model. I have an model on top of another to mimic clear coating, but i wasnt having any issues with a flat layed out version of what I was working with, only once i added a curve 

here you can see the black paint is all opaque an can be seen on top of the transparency 

once render is enabled, it becomes transparent and no longer looks solid at angles. Does refraction have issues with metallic underneath? 

My renders arnt turning out terrible, but I would like it to be a 1 for 1!
Any help appreciated



  • EarthQuake
    If you're going for a clear coat effect you could try using add blending rather than refraction.

    Refraction has some issues with sorting that are view-dependant. So depending on how your meshes are set up this may be expected to some degree. A good way to alleviate sorting problems is to split up the refraction mesh into as many sub-objects as you can, in those car 1 sub-object for every spine of the fish might do it.
  • Terribletussler
    Hey! Sorry for the late response, was mid move. That helped a alot, I also found that if i turned off internal bounces it cleared up the issue. Thanks again! cheers!
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