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[WIP] Deserted /post apocalyptic rural Uk Police station

currently working on a rural UK police station for a personal project as I wanted to develop my environment art skills.

as for the overall direction for this piece I'm going to be adding a lot of foliage and making it look overgrown. kinda going down the vain of last of us or Neir Automata

[WIP]Trim Sheet  - this is my first time making and using trim sheets and it has made me realises why it's one of the core techniques for environment art.  

Brick texture - the one I'm currently using is from an old project and has very little surface detail which doesn't hold up to the same detail as the trim sheet so will need to update that. 

any feedback is welcome 
Thanks :)


  • Monty199

    I had a quick play around with some of the Megascans foliage assets. However i'm still unsure about using Megascans for a portfolio piece especially as the foliage is such a big part of the scene.  

    So if anyone could shed some light on how to use Megascans correctly in a project or if should create it myself.

    Thanks in advance :) 

  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    My unpopular opinion is that you should use 'scans to complement your environment, meaning, use them sparingly here and there and for stuff that is not the focus of your scene. A not very good example, you made a car/gun/t-rex and want some quick enviro to show it off, not just a hdri backdrop. A better and more relevant example is when you made a house or some building/s and want to make them in a natural enviro, but you dont have grass and trees lying around on your hdd, nor have the time to make them from scratch. An example on how NOT to use them would be to use +90% 'scans assets to make a scene and call yourself an enviro artist.
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