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Digital Character - Emmanuel

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Hello everybody! 
I mostly have a gaming background, but for once I wanted to do a rendered character and see where I landed. 
It is not perfect but had a chance to update my (outdated) portfolio ----> https://www.artstation.com/pietroberto

Main inspiration has been "NATAAL" Magazine cover I randomly spotted in a Waterstone library back in 2018 when I was living in the UK.
Fell in love with the shot and the subject (Emmanuel Adjaye), took a couple of pictures and moved on from there! (but started this only sometime before the lockdown) and yes, when I walk around and see something stunning, I take pictures just for inspiration or to do some art out of it, eventually.
It is not a likeness per se, but the Magazine's photo had a huge influence on this job. No scans were used for the modeling.
I used Arnold render in Maya for the final result, hair done with xGen interactive, and used some xyz maps for the fine skin displacement. 
I know the are tons of things that could be improved and refined... I'll take this as a learning lesson for the next one!

THIS is a direct link to the main thread 

It would be interesting to translate this into a gaming character, and see how much quality I can retain. Maybe one day :)


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