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[PAID] (POSITION CLOSED) Looking for stylized 3D character artist (being also animator is a plus)

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M0nS00n polycounter lvl 2

I'm looking for an individual to make game-ready stylized female character model from the scratch: you will be provided with references and my rough ideas what I want to get, and based on it you should develop character that fit the game best.

There will be significant degree of creative freedom for you (I will be all open to your ideas if they help to achieve cool character), but also responsibility (I expect you to have experience and confidence in what you are doing).

If you also is animator, we can continue to work on character's animations after model is done.

Tech details:
- Character will have customization options (hair & outfit).
- Character face should have details ready for animation.
- Mobile platform limitations: I'm thinking about limited PBR or hand-painted unlit.
- Game engine is UE4, so knowing it specs is a plus.

I will share more project details on demand.

Here is moodboard to help you catch what I'm looking for:

If you are interested, send examples or your works and pricing to: [email protected].com (theme: character artist)
Thanks :)
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