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[WiP] Modern/Sci-Fi Musketeer

Hi :]
I am normally way to shy to post in a public forum like this, but to overcome this I made it a part of my next university project to document my production-diary here. Currently I am studying Game Art and 3D Animation and the last two month I did my first Game Character and for the next project I want to build upon the stuff I've learned so far.
We just finished this Game Project, so I didn't have the time for a pretty render. My PC is a bit crappy at the moment and rendering is a problem, but hopefully the new one arrives next week...

Things I want to work on for this project:
- > Better and more realistic hair; I did not understand how to do haircards and I was a bit overwhelmed with the workload, so I just sculpted the hair
-> Clothes with more personality; I want to do a few different layers of clothing and give them more details in Marvelous Designer
-> Clothes Textures in Substance Designer; the last ones were done in painter but I had fun doing the wallpaper in the background, so I want to do more elaborate patterns in Substance Designer
-> Overall a more realistic feel
-> Develop a better workflow; I still struggle with a lot of stuff and don't know the 'right' way to do things, so I have to backtrack a lot and clean up mistakes

The result should be a Highpoly and a Lowpoly Mesh with animation-ready Topology, but I also want to do a print version, cause I have the opportunity to print it in the uni

My idea for a design was to get inspired by a time period and I choose baroque to experiment with patterns ans I also really like the BBC take on the musketeers and the resulting costumes. To get a bit more creative i will do a modern/sci-fi version with these inspirations, but I still want to retain the feel of a uniform and a higher up soldier. But these are all just starting off points and I will use them loosely. This is my first uni project without restrictions, so I want to do something I will enjoy.
This is my current moodboard and I attached a file with all the sources:

My pitch is on Thursday, so until then I will have the concept for the character, but right now I just did a sort of 'coat of arms'. I wanted an animal as a 'leitmotif' and as an inspiration for colors and stuff and I decided to go with a Pampusana Dove and I designed this for now

Task-List + Timeline:
-> 22.06 - 24.06 Concept Art for Character
-> 24.06 - 08.07 Character Creation in Zbrush
-> 08.07 - 22.07 Clothes Creation in Marvelous Designer
-> 22.07 - 26.07 Clothes rework in ZBrush
-> 26.07 - 06.08 Retopology in 3Ds Max
-> 06.08 - 10.08 Unwrap in 3Ds Max
-> 10.08 - 24.08 Textures in Substance Painter and Substance Designer
-> 24.08 - 25.08 Rendering in Unreal or Marmoset
-> 25.08 - 27.08 Extra Time
-> 27.08 Deadline

Yeah, so maybe someone wants to accompany me and I can always use more tips and help to achieve a better workflow

NEXT UP: Concept Art for the Character Design

(ok, before I stare another hour at this, I just post it and then crawl in a dark corner |D)


  • tysiu
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    tysiu triangle
    I like your mood board and the idea for the future project. Show us the character design when you'll finish it. I'm really curious how will it look.

    As for the things to work on. I think you should focus more on sculpting the face. Make sure you have a lot of references for the nose and eyes. Maybe choose an actor or a model that will have hundreds of photos from different angles, so you can easily check if the shapes and proportions are ok.
  • JuniWonderland
    Thank you for the tip..I looked up a model I will use as referenzce, maybe exaggerate a few features later.

    The design turned out a bit different than I thought in the beginning, but its a project without any boundaries, so I wanted to do stuff that are fun for me, or that I want to learn

    The patterns I want to use will be inspired by fractals

    And the last one is an idea for a print pose, but this won't be part of the project itself...I probably won't have the time

    Sooo..I have to start sculpting right now, but I have another small thing I have to finish first...
    I have to admit I am a bit lazy right now; after finishing the last assignment, which was a huge one for me I felt so drained and the energy hasn't come back. I am doing substance designer tutorials to at least do something and I hope that the energy comes back, when my new pc arrives (hopefully soon) and I can finally work with marvelous and zbrush without that much crashing...
  • tysiu
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    tysiu triangle
    Looks pretty cool
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