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[Paid] Lead Pixel Artist to create design guidelines

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Hello hello, my name is Paco! I'm a generalist software developer based in London. On the side I've been doing pre-work for a vanity project of mine, a pixel art demake of an strategy arcade game that uses cards. Reality is, a highly demanding job and other engagements take most of my time. So I cannot work on my game yet, and I have to hire help to get some parts done 😬

I'm looking to contract someone to spend a couple of months to convert the current project plan into something actionable that's worth looking at. They will need to familiarise themselves with the game it's based on and the technical requirements of the version I'd like to work on. They will produce a series of mockups and wireframes for a prototype, pick design elements like the fonts, palletes and resolution, do the first pass for some of the ingame sprites, and write documentation for all of it to be used by other artists in commissions.

I'm happy with either full-time or part-time committment over a longer period of time. You must be tech-savvy enough to work with Trello, Dropbox or any similar collaboration tools. Prior experience and knowledge of Japanese are a plus! If this is something that interests you we can discuss a bit more about the project itself over DMs❗️

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