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Stained Glass - SubstanceDesigner - Feedbacks are Welcome !

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Welcome on this topic !

I am working on this substance and i would like to have your feedback about this work (Roughness, texture, Metal, etc ! :)


My reference:

My PBR textures:

Thank you in advance about your feedback !


  • Olingova
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    Olingova interpolator
    Hi there!!
    I think your normal might be a lill lill bit "too clean"; the lead structure should probably be a bit more smooth and not as sharp. I would definitely add a bit of bump in the glasss itself too, even in your reference you can see that stained glass like that is never totally smooth:

    Also i think in the base color you are still missing the color variations added to draw a bit more the details, structure itself is just to split the different color panels but in each panels you still got some more color variation to draw the character details i think

    I would still give a bit more opacity to the center panels they look 100 percent opaque in your render having a slight opacity would be great!

    Aaand last but not least the lead structure seems like it should have the same base color in the center and on the sides, when you got a brighter yellow in the center!

    I hope it will help you, keep up the good work :D
  • comfyp4x639
    @Olingova thank you very much for your feedback ! I've done 5 news renderings with differents lightings and intensity to help feeling bump, normals and opacity ! beofre, there had emissive but now not anymore

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