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Detective Office - Unreal Engine 4

Hi all!

This scene is inspired by the True Detective Season 1 office. C&C welcome!

More info and renders on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v2AvXx


  • Mimir
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    Mimir polycounter lvl 2
    Good stuff, I love lighting you've captured that gloomy office atmosphere very well. Though I can't help but feel the textures are a bit lacking and need more polish in certain areas. The cleanliness and lack of grunge/wear and tear makes the office feel like it's not really lived in. Perhaps adding more edge wear to certain objects like the boxes or tables would make them pop out more.

    Maybe add slight stains to the tables (perhaps left by coffee) or on the floors might make the environment feel like a real place. Perhaps give the floor tiling to make it more interesting, I think the roughness should also be a bit more shiny so that light bounces more realistically. Also consider adding text on the boxes you have, they look too identical to one another, I presume they share the same texture. You could add an alpha plane with pen markings to differentiate them from one another.

    Keep up the good work.
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