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Rotating materials with Refraction Transparency Issue

Hi guys, new here!
I've been working on this studio style render of a Kraken Rum bottle, and obviously it uses a lot of refraction. However, upon rendering a turntable, I found that as I spin my model past the 180 degree point, my thick glass refractive material snaps and changes very abruptly. I haven't applied any animation to anything in the scene, and I can't find any key frames on anything (I've used the "delete all keyframe data" aswell).
I've attached some images of the issue below. If anyone knows anything, or can be of any help, please save me! :D



  • WillDettrey
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    Sorry for the wait. This doesn't appear to be an issue with Refraction rather than being an issue with Global Illumination (GI) enabled. While there technically isn't any animation applied, the Turntable is a plugin that automatically rotates your asset through space. As this rotation occurs, the Voxel system which powers the GI needs to re-calculate all of the time and can cause a "flickering" or other unwanted artifacts or effects. You can resolve this by disabling the "Re-Voxelize" setting, OR, set a turntable to your Camera to rotate around your asset instead which dictates to the Voxel system that the asset is stationary. Give it a try!

    Great looking render BTW!
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