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How Did You Learn Unreal Engine?

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I'm trying to get into the Unreal Engine but I'm having a hard time finding good tutorials and resources that I can understand. So many of the tutorials I have watched are just people listing off all the different features without actually explaining anything, it's waayyy too much information coming at me to process. It's not like learning sculpting in Zbrush or modeling in Maya where all you do is model or sculpt. You want to be better at Maya? Just keep modeling. You want to use Zbrush better? Keep sculpting. You want to get better at using unreal? Keep doing... something? There's just so much you can do in Unreal, and game engines in general, that it's just so hard to figure out how to learn and get better at it. I want to learn Unreal but I just don't know how.

So my question is how did you all learn, or are currently learning, Unreal Engine. What are you doing that makes sense to you? What did you do when you first started learning?


  • Hesera971361
    Well, in my case i really just did some projects.. And when i had a problem i googled it and found the solution in my experience thats the most fastest and best way to learn new things... create. fail. find. fix. learn.
    I think it also depends what exactly you want to do with UE4 theres a lot you can do Games / Arch Viz / Level Design and so on what i would recommend you is creating a Game because when you create a Game you do everything in UE4 so you learn everything a bit ( Texturing, Importing, Lighting, Blueprints and so on).
    But i highly advise you making a small Game or just use Marketplace Assets just dont forget you do that for learning and dont waste so much time with modelling, uv's and texturing.

    I hope i could help you
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