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I've always been a dinosaur enthusiast, but last years I'm not too up to date about the last paleontological discoveries and their impact on the look of those terrible lizard reconstructions. So I was spent some time lately, reading about it and (even if there is not scientific consensus about a lot of things: lips, cheeks, nostrils position, feathers and how many?, etc.) I decided to make some studies of few dinosaurs from some of the most representative groups, keeping in mind the most spread and plausible conventions at the moment.
I found that some of quite recent features which changed drastically the image that we have of many species, were discarded one more time (Quills on most ceratopsians, feathers on large tyrannosaurids, etc.) and other ones are already indisputable in the light of the last discoveries (The feathers on dromeosaurids, or even their wing like arms, etc.).
Anyway, my favorite dinosaur reconstructions will be always the ones from Charles R. Knight and other vintage paleoartists, who show the dinosaurs as cold-blooded monsters which roam the world slowly, dragging their heavy tails in the dirt :-P 

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