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Gnome wip critique

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Mepra polycounter lvl 4

I need some help with the overall shape, I can't exactly figure out if I got the proportions of the body and face right. Something feels off, should I do him a little bit taller, or wider? It's still a work in progress so any advice would be helpful.


  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel interpolator
    My first impression, scale up his hands.
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
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    ThisisVictoriaZ polycounter
    Hey, your model looks pretty good so far! I think you have all of the details down really well but I do agree that your shape isn't exactly the same as the reference. I took your sculpt and reference into Photoshop and layered them on top of each other to try to see what the differences where, and outlined where they dont match in red

    The reference is posed so it does make slightly harder to tell if especially the arms are the right size but it looks like you need to make the head and feet wider, and some of the armor more exaggerated. If you have access to any photo editing software I recommend you do this yourself to see if theres anything else you can improve on. Good luck!
  • Mepra
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    Mepra polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you so much! I don't know why but I didn't think of doing that ,great advice ,thanks again!
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