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Solved: Color adjustment of quixel assets in scene.

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Hello All,

I have a question regarding some rock assets. The Quixel master material lets
you tint and adjust Albedeo tint intensity, but when i check my color thru
(Buffer Visuliazation BaseColor) the color is still to dark for my rock. I would like to have this blend more into the other scenery colors. How do you fix this? I understand that you need to adjust the Mastermaterial, but how? Which nodes do I need? and is this a brightness issue? Or do you fix this

issue some otherway? 

It would be cool if you could also not only tint the color, but also color the brightness so it blends more into you're own environment.

I have setup Desaturation and CheapContrast but i'm not sure if this is correct and how to inplement this further :-(

Thanks in advanced.


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