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[RELEASED] Lasers with shadows

polycounter lvl 2
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AlexandrL polycounter lvl 2
Greetings everyone! :)

Just released a few days ago my "Lasers with shadows" asset.
What is that?
Well, its a lasers with ability to cast shadows from geometry and masked materials, so foliage like grass, tree leaves, so called "alpha geometry" like chainlink fences - will also cast a shadows.
Realtime shadows - are not cheap, and because entire asset was created with performance in mind, i also add a "Stationary mode".
What thats mean? Thats mean what laser still can have built-in animations like scanning movement, and it will cast shadows only from static geometry and not animated masked materials, but it will provide illusion of fully dynamic shadows. The performance cost are so low what you can put event 10+ lasers in stationary mode and have like 135+ FPS even in editor! And this is only on GTX1060 3Gb GPU. Nice huh? :)


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