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Hey, very long time lurker here :D I decided to put here my latest finished project here. I wanted to try Blender 2.8 at this one as new ui was looking pretty neat for me. And it is awesome as long as you don't want to make uv's :D But Overall it has improved greatly for me, if not those uvs I would uninstall Maya and never go back. Also I wanted to dive deeper into Substance Painter since I really never got any chance do it properly at work and finally to add particles and render it inside proper game engine and not inside Marmoset or anything like that. Choice went for UE4 but probably I'll test Unity as well.
So I invite You all to come to my Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/fletcher. Any feedback is most welcome, I want to improve my skills as I was pretty stagnant last couple of years.
Work was done based on a concept by VOLTA Studio - you can definietly check them out on ArtStation as well, great stuff there!
On technical side - 1 4k texture, ~20k tri and ~16k verts in Unreal Engine 4
Somehow I could not add my Sketchfab model here so if you wat to see some closeups or anything - go to my ArtStation :)

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