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(UE4) (WIP) Joker Fan Art - Locker Room

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Hey guys,

I've started tinkering around with another environment during my free time after work. I always thought that the Locker Room scene in Joker movie had an incredible atmosphere and I wanted to recreate it within UE4 as a real-time environment. 

I've started with collecting a mood board with screenshots from the movie to scope out a project. The scene is super rich with assets and textures so I always notice new things when I look at it. 

I then completed a simple block-out of the space to get the scale correct.

I have begun to populate the scene with assets and completed the first lighting pass to make sure I am getting the colours correct.

This is the current state of the project with a few more assets made and I think the central point of the scene (Vanity Mirror) placed.

There still a long way to go but I look forward to hearing your feedback and things that are sticking out, thank you!


  • rezinekk
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    rezinekk polycounter lvl 3
    So this past week I have really focused on the lighting and to create a nice lighting base so that I can tweak it later on with LUT's that I got from Davinci Resolve. 

    This is the current state of the project and I have been receiving a lot of great feedback and tips from the Experience Points discord. I started over with the lighting a few times but I think it's already a major improvement . 

    I've started creating more and more assets for the scene such as suitcases, punch clocks, creepy head... 

    I 've had to change around the structure of the windows around a little bit as some of the walls were a little bit too thick and it was throwing off the composition. 

    A quick aMarmoset Render of one of the assets created for the scene. 

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    21/06/2020 Update:

    I have been working full time again and sadly have had less time to work on this environment however I did manage to create a few more assets and I've imported a LUT that hopefully resembles the Joker - would love to get some feedback on that. 

    Carpet was created in Substance Alchemist and the mesh was Simulated in Marvelous Designer.

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    kohg polycounter lvl 5
    Looks amazing. Looking forward to see the progress
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