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3D artist and Character Artist Luke Martins [Freelance or Remote]

Portfolio; https://www.artstation.com/luke_martins

Motivated 3D character artist and First Class Honours BA Alumni of Computer Games (Art) at Solent University. I am most fulfilled bringing concept and illustration to life with 3D technology, usually with characters and creatures.

I have 3 and a half years experience making full pipeline game assets and 3d printing work, including high poly sculpts made in Zbrush for miniatures and statues.

I am also skilled in 3D modelling, texturing, UV-mapping, and material creation for real-time use in video-games in stylised and realistic mediums. I'm constantly seeking challenge and attempting to level-up my skill-set. I enjoy working in teams and learning from other people.

I am also skilled with traditional art methodologies and very capable of 2d work gigs for pixel art and characters.

Please consider me for work gigs, I am trying to successfully operate a freelance business for these difficult Covid-19 times.

Example of recent PBR work for games media and clients below;

Prince Imrahil PBR game character project;


  • Luke_Martins_3D
    Here is some recent client work I was paid to sculpt, loosely based on 80's videogame 'Myth Fallen Lords'

    3d printable detailed characters for statues. Made for 8-9 inch scale from very little concept art and to avoid snapping of thing parts when printed and to maximize detail.

    Really enjoyed this gig, I'm really getting into sculpting and these jobs helped me explore that part of production even more.

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