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4 hours to exit 3dsMax or reset the scene

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minus0 polycounter lvl 3
I am encountering a strange behaviour when working with a "simple" scene.

When i load the scene, it takes about 7 minutes.
When i save the scene, it takes about 6 minutes.
When i reset the scene, it takes about 4 hours to clear up.
When i exit the program, it takes about 4 hours to exit.
During exiting/resetting, i have noticed that only 1 cpu core is used around 14-17% usage.

So far i have tried this:
- disabled "Backup on Save"
- disabled "Compress on Save"
- disabled "Save viewport Thumbnail Image"
- disabled "Save schematic view"
- disabled "Save File Properties"

None of this solved the slow long resetting/exiting process.

All the drivers are up to date and stable, the O.S. is stable(no antivirus)
The system is kept offline, it's running fast(normal) on other tasks.
3dsMax is up to date, and it is exiting normal when using other scenes.
The scene is using only 12GB of RAM, which is normal.
The scene has over 300.000 objects and no lights yet and no animation.
The GPU VRAM utilization is ~2GB from a total of 8GB.
When i exit the scene, i have noticed that 3dsmax.exe is using only 17% of one core. And the RAM is not purged instantly.
The RAM usage is slowly clearing up about 2MB per second (from a total of 12GB). Sometimes the RAM usage of the3dsmax.exe grows instead of decreasing.
Is there any trick to fix this problem ?
I don't mind waiting 7 minutes or 15 minutes but wainting hours until the scene is closed, it's beyond my zen life.
What can i do to make 3dsmax to purge the RAM instantly when i am resetting or exiting?
Has anyone experienced a similar situation?


  • Eric Chadwick
    300,000 unique objects is going to slow down most systems.

    Which version of Max, with what update?

    How large is the saved file? 4 hours is certainly excessive.

    What speed is the drive you're saving to? SSD is the way to go for working files.
  • minus0
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    minus0 polycounter lvl 3
    The version is 3dsMax 2018.4_Update
    There are 2 normal SSDs 6Gb/s with Seq Read= 455MB/s and Write= 367MB/s resulted in test.
    The file size is 800MB uncompressed and i have the same scene file around 60MB when i have enabled "Compress on Save".
    For me the weird part is when Reset option is taking place: it hangs on 1 core using only 17% of that core.
    I thought i am missing something, i was hoping for max to really purge the Ram in 5 seconds when i use the Reset option, or when i finish the day and want to exit. Thank you. ps: i was told that an upgrade it's going to take place in the future. Swapping from intel to amd.

  • Eric Chadwick
    Contact your reseller and start a support ticket. 4 hours is insane.
  • coven
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    coven polycounter lvl 6
    Can you send me your scene?
  • Dubzski
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    Dubzski polycounter lvl 11
    Sounds like you have something crazy going on for sure, the best thing to do would be to try Forensic by Sini Software. It's free and an amazing utility for debugging   https://www.sinisoftware.com/Plugins/Forensic
    It does a great job of telling you what's in your scene + It allows you to select and delete the items it lists. I mostly use it for clearing out old plugins, unused materials, and empty objects (Archviz projects get cluttered).

    To solve the problem of 3DS taking forever to close you can use the Killmax script or the .exe version of it (which I use all the time) to instantly nuke 3DS away.
    Works 100% of the time guaranteed. http://www.scriptspot.com/files/KillMax.rar
    It won't fix the reset time but it will fix the closing problem. 
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