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#256fes challenge is proving challenging

Hi everyone!
Long time lurker, first time poster here on this forum.

The other day I stumbled upon the #256fes hashtag on the Japanese twittersphere, where artists are prompted to model a character within a budget of 256 faces (or even less?) and a texture map of 256x256px (Since I can't make out the origin of this challenge, I don't know about the exact rules).

Inspired by the sheer creativity on display on that feed I decided to give it a go myself. Now I find myself stuck in the 'keep everything as quads' - box modelling mindset and I'm stumped as to how to achieve some of this really organic looking geometries.
This chameleon's umbrella here for instance does not look like it can be achieved through extrusion of edges, rather like someone set the vertices by hand and connected them afterwards maybe? Is there a modelling technique specifically dealing with tris and, if so, what is it called?

I'd be grateful for any guidance / pointers and make sure to check out other peoples' contributions if low-poly is your jam.

Thanks a bunch and have a great start into the week 👋  


  • poopipe
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    256 is certainly a challenge for a poseable character - that's quake2 numbers

    I'm afraid it's just good old-fashioned low poly modelling.  Really it just boils down to being super efficient, keeping a close eye on your sillhouettes and putting the work in manually.  Also forget about quads, they don't work unless you're making a square - take inspiration from geodesic spheres and work with tris

    For me it helps to start low (ie with basic primitives) and work up rather than try to build something and chop tris out. One really useful tip is to view the object in flat shaded mode with no textures -  when you orbit around you'll be able to see which verts contribute to sillhouette (keep them) and which don't (remove them)  quite clearly

  • bloomingbridges
    Thanks for clearing that up @poopipe, I shall start over :)
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