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Shrine of Samurai, UE4 environment inspired by Ghost of Tsushima

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I was hyped enough after seeing Ghost of Tsushima trailers that I wanted to make something like it for this challenge. It was something like 9 days to June 1st 2020, and I had just a bit more that a week to work on this environment. So I started Megascansing the scene in UE4
I wanted the scene to be all about loneliness and darkness and to be cold and desperate. so I just drew a line on this one and started a new one. this time more minimalistic and atmospheric because it is what Ghost of Tsushima is all about. Inspired by japanese lava-islands, I wanted to make a foggy, cold and desaturated environment. Here you go.
for the HDRI on this environment I have used https://3dcollective.es/en/producto/hdri-22pack-pro-eng/. there is a free sample there 
I used Water material that is available in Unreal Engine Learn Tab in EpicGames Launcher and made a small tweak, added depth fade to make the transition between water and rocks smoother.



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