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W A K E - Short Film (UE4)

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Hey guys ,

After climbing my way from level design to env art to lighting art on static scenes, I felt it was a natural progression to move onto something more dynamic.
The thought of doing a cinematic sequence using a real time engine had been lingering on for a while.

Wake, the short movie, is my first venture into working with 3d animated movies using real time rendering engines such as Unreal Engine in this case, featuring some hard surface robots !! Each robot character is 1.6 million polygons with 59 unique materials and no normal maps.

Shots were captured in 4k @48FPS in UE 4.20.

Here is the video below


You can find some BTS shots on my artstation here - <https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qA8YW2 >



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