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(3D Printing) Maple from BOFURI - Character

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I took some time to figure out what I wanted to do with my 3D work as a hobbyist. I wasn't getting the satisfaction I was after with game characters that weren't being used in a game, so I looked into what else I could do to get a more tangible product of my work. 3D printing quickly stood out and now I'm here.

This is Maple from BOFURI, an anime of last season that I was watching while figuring out what I wanted to do 3D wise. The pose is somewhat based on the below image but will have her shield in the left hand. Additionally some changes to her design were made that match more with the Manga design, namely the lower torso design. The halo was also removed as I couldn't find a good way to have it attached on the physical object.

I've had the torso test printed, still waiting to set up a time to physically get a hold of it to check it out. It was printed using the Ender 3.

After that there will be the whole world of painting to jump head first into for which I'm already looking at airbrushes and techniques.

Pieces that are still getting some final touches are the wings, shield, hair(A-Symmetry and cutting) and face(expression).

Something I'm also a little unsure about are the key designs I'm using after watching Mike Thompson doing figure work on the zBrush channel. My keys taper but my keyholes don't, this might need to be adjusted to have the holes taper as well to get a tighter fit.

Also the wing key has me a little concerned about sturdiness for the size of the wings.

Anyway, crits very welcome as there will be some time between the test print and ordering in a printer to make changes. Lastly a shout-out to T.S Wittelsbach for some early process crits, catch him on the official zBrush streams if your interested in 3D printing, particularly jewellery.

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