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Experienced game dev (designer/programmer) looking for creative partner (art direction, generalist)

I'm looking for a creative partner (a professional artist) who shares some of my interests and complements my skills, for long term collaboration and potential commercial ventures in the future.

Me: I'm a technical designer (one foot in programming, another in design) in video games industry. I've shipped mobile games with millions of downloads, although my heart is really in indie PC games side of the medium. I'm currently working full time with a group of people for an unannounced indie title. I also work on my own projects and prototypes from time to time, which is what has brought me here. Art is my weak spot and my primary limitation in what I can ship on my own, so I'm looking for an artist I can collaborate with on my personal projects.

Aside from games, I'm interested in sociology, anthropology, economics, politics, fiction/fantasy literature (think more Le Guin than Tolkien), movies, etc. Values-wise, I'd consider myself progressive and I strive to reflect that in my work as much as I can.

You: Professional artist with a track record of shipping projects. You are capable of envisioning a signature visual style that can differentiate a game from others, and you can direct other artists (if necessary) to maintain the same visual standard. Ideally you are a generalist who can cover multiple bases, and you have experience with both 2D and 3D workflows. If you have experience working with Unity or another game engine, that's a bonus. As for first impressions, it goes a long way if your portfolio displays more than just sex and violence as subject matter. (Not that there's anything wrong with either, I just prefer to see some intellectual/emotional range.)

If you're like me, full of ideas and skilled at what you do, but are lacking someone who can complement your skill set, send me a message and we'll chat. :)



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