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Need Experienced Godot Programmers

Hello there!

I am currently developing a Japanese-based fighting game, and I really need programmers that are ready to get to work. Our team has decided to use Godot.

We currently have been working very hard on art and the storyline, but now we really need to get going on the foundations of the game. I really want this game to succeed, and possibly have its own competitive league as we really want this game to become an esport.

We really want this game to be competitive, and have a high skill cap, but still be accessible to casual players as well, kinda like Super Smash Bros(SSB), but I feel that the fighting game I am aiming for is for more hardcore players.

Also, we are going for a more DragonBallFighterz approach where it is mostly focused on combos and supers, and with no infinite combos which in my opinion, ruin a fighting game. (One exception is Marvel vs Capcom). I also don't want to be like Smash Bros and have such horrible net code that they are not allowed to compete in online EVO, and I want this game to have an amazing and smooth multiplayer with dedicated servers in NA, JP, EUW, EUNE.

Here is a list of requirements:

-Must have fighting game experience

-Must have the ability to make precise net code

-Must be familiar with Godot

-Must be available for weekly meetings.

There will be some payment when a demo is completed.

If you would like to see some art, please comment down below so I can send you some examples.

If you have any questions of any sort, comment down below.

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