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Why is this happening?

So i have my model almost fully textured and this weird issue(UV map i assume) pops up.

I UV mapped it correctly with no seams there as you can see with the UV map photo

but in substance painter the engine shows this as if there is a seem there which there is not. 

here is a photo of it in 3ds max with the lines in the exact place of the issues

I dont understand why this is happening as this model has an inside as well that i used the shell modifier to get and it suffers none of these issues that look obvious on a model with an alpha/opacity applied.

Any help would be awesome since im almost done.

Also if anyone knows how to make a plastic like this in substance painter?

ive tried everything i can think of to get it as good as this and its not even half as good as the plastic in the photo and there are like 5 tutorials on glass/plastic for substance and they are only 5 minutes of just basics.


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