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[UE4][FINAL] Legacy Project - Forester Camp

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chrisradsby polycounter lvl 11
Thought I'd post it here as well since there has been a long time since I was actually active on polycount.

The scene is dynamically lit inside of UE4. No RTX features, it's using a lot of old-school techniques to get to this point.. ehm overall it's a pretty simple scene. I learned a lot from it actually, morph target animation stuffs being one of them. The scene is part of an Open World Art Project I call Legacy, I have several areas/biomes I want to explore and I want to keep the look and world consistent between the pieces. Since it's an actual open world, it's all functioning properly in UE4 , so you can run around to the different areas I'm currently creating. (ie no different than a regular game).

You can also read some of my blog-posts to see into some of the development and how I went about things in UE4.

But yeah without further delay, here ya go check it out!

The full project is available here:


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