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Nowadays how high is a high poly mesh for baking maps?

Hello everyone!
(It's my first post, so hope it isn't a trvial one and I'm in the right section)

I've been looking at other posts about this topic; however, I'm still wondering really how much is it too much polys?

For example, I've got a 23k tris base mesh and have subdivided until it eventually had 30mil points (in zbrush) to get to the level of detail I needed. Is it consider too much? Or the base mesh was lacking in the base poly count to get to the details I needed with less subdivs? Considering it was a big model (a mammoth).

It was for baking a displacement map, which turn out good. But still, just wondering if there's any overkill poly count or does it depends on how much your pc can stand?


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