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3DS Max 2013 - No XView displayed in viewport

polycounter lvl 6
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FiftyTifty polycounter lvl 6
This is a rather odd issue, that I've only seen for 3DS Max 2013 on Windows 10. Didn't have this issue on Windows 7.

For some odd reason, the XView is missing from the viewport, and none of the settings cause it to show: https://i.imgur.com/fhJuC9I.png

But when opening the CP_FunWithSpawning01.max scene bundled with 3DS Max, the XView is given it's own window: https://i.imgur.com/Ecc5HGJ.png

I've searched a bunch, and haven't found any info on this, not even to create that side panel with the XView details. How do I remedy this? I've reset the UI a gajillion times, to no avail.


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