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[Closed][Paid] Looking for an Environment Concept Artist for a Medieval Fantasy RPG

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Hello everyone, 

Edit: found an awesome concept artist for the project here on Polycount.
Thanks for all your applications!

I’m looking for an environment concept artist for a medieval fantasy RPG. 
Experience working on video game projects is a huge plus. 

The Gothic II and The Witcher 3 games are the main inspiration for this project, so knowing them, or even being a fan of them is obviously an advantage, but by no means required. 

This is quite a huge project, just during this year there will be 20+ environment concepts needed.  

To begin with, this contract will be for the concepts of the starting area of the game.  
I’m definitely looking for freelancers to work with for a long time though.  

The main task of the concept artist will be:  
Create concept arts for various different areas of a medieval fantasy farm building.  
A hand drawn drawing style should be used. As the in-game models will have hand drawn textures as well, but the buildings, vegetation etc. will be realistically proportioned. (Unlike many other stylized art styles.) 

These concepts will be done based on detailed descriptions by the writer working on the project already.
As well as some reference images, as needed.  

Overall, I want to strike a good balance between providing guidance on what to draw, and allowing your creative talents to shine.  
The application process will have two steps. 

The first is that you send the following information to [email protected] , or via Polycount DM: 

- A link to your online portfolio and / or examples of your past work in PDF form.    

- Your expected payment per environment concept art. 

-Optionally, a few words about projects you’ve worked on, medieval fantasy things you like etc. 

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the job. 

The second step for select candidates is an application task, which is paid at your regular payrate. 
It’s to draw one area of the farm mentioned earlier.  
An in-depth description of the location will be sent to select candidates in a reply. 
You’ll also have to sign a freelancer contract that gives my company the usage rights to the concept art you create for my project.  
The project is completely funded already. So, when you complete a concept art, you get paid directly and per request 50% in advance is possible. 
I’m looking forward to your applications!

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