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3Ds Max inset problem

Hi, I been running into a problem following the Grenade Tutorial of ChamferZone. When he inset the letters/number (01:20:30 into the tutorial) the edges of my number overlaps which afterwards creates a weird shape when I push out the outside edges and chamfer the number afterwards. As the lecturer of Chamferzone didn't ran into this problem, I tired fixing it myself but nothing workout. If you got a solution to my problem this would be very helpful as I need to make this model for one of my uni assignments.


  • Eric Chadwick
    The inset edge is crossing over itself. Try a different font that has more uniform widths within each character (the 5 in this font gets very thin right there). Or choose a smaller inset value. Or use Bevel and extrude outwards instead of inwards. There's also an option to prevent crossing triangles, but it rarely works in my experience.
  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky
    You might find adding a turn to poly modifier set to force convex faces fixes it. Failing that forcing 3 sided polys should sort it

    It's also worth mentioning that (at least in slightly older versions of max) you can affect the triangulation by changing the first vertex in the underlying spline

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