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[WIP] Stylised Blood Elf Inspired Swords - Advice Welcome

Hello, I've been working on some stylised swords and I would really like advice on how to proceed. I know I'l going to do some work on it in Zbrush. But I would like advice one the topology of the current sword I'm working on. I'm trying to keep it Low Poly since that's sort of the idea with stylised (Think World of Warcraft) but I don't know what the average poly count for a weapon is in WoW. Here's an image of the wire frame. I'm currently at 1,411 Faces, 2,770 Tris.

Any advice would be really really helpful


  • Ashervisalis
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    I wouldn't say stylized = low poly. Buuuut check out the pic below. Personally I would make the red circled areas sharp points. Also maybe get rid of these triangles circled in blue and make em quads, especially if you're going to be bringing into ZBrush for sculpting. The sword is looking cool so far!!

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