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Shaledrakes [Creature Design & Illustration]

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Hey everyone,

I recently had the urge to try and design a dragon, but with more pterosaur influences. I ended up naming this creature the Shaledrake, and during the process experimented with a new rendering technique for illustrations, as well as trying out a few bird colurations to see what fit.

I'd only originally planned to have one illustration, but part of the thumbnail process I ended up really liking a second image and wanted to flesh that out too:


Below you can see some of the ideation process in terms of the actual character design, and naturally as a creature designer I wanted to take some time exploring the anatomy of these creatures:

If you like my work you can find me on Twitter and Instagram below:

Twitter (Sam Santala)
Artstation (Sam Santala)

But I also just opened up a small creature art outsourcing studio and we'd love your support there too. So please swing by and check out what my team and I have been making.


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