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Dorm scene lightning

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Filip5 polycounter lvl 8
Hello, I get sort of strange lightning in my scene. I ve added few things to afftect my lightning, such as BoxReflectionCapture, Directional LightLightmassimportanceVolume and LightmassPotral

Now this is what I get.

Some shelves including the table near the window got correct lightning. The other ones are way too dark. Now the resolution of lightmap I tested was 64,512,1024, 2k and 4k. Map itself is not overlapping, so lightmap isn't causng this. What is causing this dark shadows and how can I get rid of them ? 

Furthermore, the blinds on windows are grey even if I assigned white material to them. I guess should have put another light source in the scene ? This room is getting light only from the window part.

The shelf in the left will be replaced by door, thats probably why there is more light coming trough now.
Map is not showing any error on light build, models are not overlapping.
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