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Looking for high-end 2D Tilesets (NOT PIXEL ART)

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Working on a pitch project for a new game involving a high-profile person. Hiring a contractor to create a set of forest-themed tilesets (2048x2048) as well as a parallax background image (3 sets of 1080p images) for it. I need extremely high quality, console-ready assets.

I want to see examples of tilesets and environment work, only. NO PIXEL ART. These need to be hand-painted. The game "Minoria" or "Hollow Knight" are good references for the quality bar I'm looking for. The game is not dark or moody, but I could not find a great reference example of the kind of game this is going to be. I would describe it more as "wholesome semi-fantasy".

Please send your example work, including cost per tile (or hourly, but I prefer cost per tile), to [email protected] Not including one or the other will likely result in me not replying back.

Thank you!


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