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Hello guys!

Since the free for Unreal Engine release of the Quixel Megascan library and softwares i found myself importing and processing a lot of assets in Substance Designer before importing them into Unreal Engine so i wrote a plugin to automate and speed up this processes by using the Quixel Bridge Export feature to directly import the Megascan Assets i needed simply by browsing and clicking Export from Bridge.

I then decided to clean up a bit the code writing some code comments and documentation and release it for everyone to use!!
You can find the open source code of the plugin here and if you want to directly downloading it and start using it right off you can go to the release tab of github (Megascan Link v0.1.0-beta)

Here a gif showing how the plugin works

How to install the plugin (doc link)

the plugin is been tested in Substance Designer 2019.3.3 and 2020.1.1 previous versions are untested 

Install it in Substance Designer using the Plugin manager, you can find it under Tools > Plugin Manager.. then click install and navigate to the path were you previously downloaded it


Refere to the official doc for installing a Plugin Package

All the plugin settings are explained here

Want to contribute to the development ?

If you are willing to contribute you should start by reading the dev docs.

Done it? all right it's time to clone this repository and start coding !!

After you made your changes don't forget to test them!!

And please i'm trying to keep this plugin without any external dependencies for the ease of usage for everyone! so try to rely on what the already build-in python installation of Substance Designer has to offer

I hope this plugin helped you.


PS: my English grammar is not the best so i apologize is advance for all the mistakes i made writing the documentation, if someone wants to improve it I would be truly grateful to him


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