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Steampunk Goggles fan art prop [WIP]

I'm making a fan art model of this concept art by Oscar Cafaro for my portfolio. I don't have so many props so I wanted to start this to add it to my portfolio. This is the reference:

I've started the prop modeling, with the main pieces. here's some progress:

Tomorrow I will add a face basemesh to get the goggles in the right position. Also, I didn't want to make the prop 1:1 as the concept. Because I don't like the batteries on the side or the way they are connected to the flashlight. They have no sense for me, either the antenna. So I will add my own style there.

See you tomorrow!


  • AndresPrados3D
    As I said, I added a basemesh to pose the goggles on top of a human face. It's easier for me to model correctly with the dimensions of a "real" face. Also today, I have spent some hours modeling more pieces and parts of the prop. 

    I put the batteries up to test, to make them as the concept art. But I don't like this position either the way they are connected to the flashlight. They have no sense for me. So I think I will change them in future days.

    Have a nice day! 
  • AndresPrados3D
    Hi all!! These days I didn't have time to post my progress here but I have been working in the goggles. I have finished the high poly model for now. 

    Now it's retopology time! My goal isn't a really low poly model. So I will try to stay around 30k-40k tris. Also, I have to start to think about the UDIMS or texture sets. I don't know what texel density I need so... I will have to test. But maximum I want two texture sets. I don't want to lose detail with this prop.

    See you!
  • AndresPrados3D
    Well, today I have been working all day lowering the polycount of the high poly model to make the low poly version of it. Here is how the wireframe looks:

    Now, the low poly model has 36.246 tris. It's inside the polycount budget I said the other day. I want the model to have detail and not to be able to see the edges of the polys or the circles. That's the reason why I think I will make two 4K UDIMS. Tomorrow I will continue doing the UVs and all the baking process. 

    See you!!
  • AndresPrados3D
    Okay so finally the Uvs are done and baking is done! In the end I used two texture sets. It will be two textures 4K for the final render.

    I did the normal and ambient occlusion maps in xNormal and position, curvature, thickness and world space in Substance Painter baker.  I wanted to do the baking of the AO in xNormal because from my point of view is better, it has better shadows and grayscales. Also, in Painter, I had some normals errors and AO errors from some meshes shadowing others. So xNormal was my perfect option for the normal and AO maps. 

    Now it's texturing time, my next post will be the final results. Wish me luck! :)
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