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Better Call Saul! - Saul Goodman Likeness Sculpt - JMM

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GeorgeCrudo interpolator
Hey everyone! I just finished up this likeness sculpt of Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman / Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. This was a piece I worked on back in 2016/2017. Looking back on it I wasn't thrilled with the result so a month or so ago I decided to return to the project and try to improve it. You can see the final image below along with a handful of WIP shots along the way. You can see more images of the final on my Artstation! Hope you enjoy


WIP Shots from way back in 2016/2017...yikes!!

This was the final version I finished back in 2017. Looking back on it now I felt there was room for improvement. I started from this as a base but more or less destroyed it and started from scratch

Flash Forward to 2020: Here are the newer WIP shots

Thanks for viewing!
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