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[Requesting feedback] Beginner's sword project

Hello everyone! 
I consider myself a beginner in 3d modeling in general, I was following some tutorials online, I tried to model some small things by myself and this sword was my first bigger project done all by myself. 
I started with creating a reference - I wanted my sword to look at least a bit cool, I didn't aim for realism. It turned out like this:

I changed the design quite a few times and this looked the best. Right now I use only Blender and Substance Painter.
My goal is to make game assets and I tried to make this optimized, the whole sword has: 1,685 faces and 3,044 tris.
This is how the low-poly wireframe looks like:
After the modeling, I textured my sword in the Substance Painter. This is how it turned out:

I'm still not sure if I'm doing things the right way, so I really need some feedback!
Thank you :heart:


  • Cernantis
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    Cernantis triangle
    Hi. Technically its looks good, clear baking on normals. I would say the edges of mesh needs more grunge and wear.
    Hilt is a little bit too thin and guard is large from my view.
    Also i would advise changing material or color on central winged shape so it would stand out more.
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