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[PAID] 3D Environment Artist and 3D Asset Modeler

FiolaSoft Studio are looking for skilled people that would be willing to work on a big indie game project. Our current team is made out of game developers that have already worked together in the past and successfully shipped several games, the latest one has been released globally on both PC and consoles.

The current game project we are working on has got a complete game design, story script, functional prototype and art direction. We are looking for artists which would join us for a couple of following months and collaborate with us on creating the visuals for the game – that can include creating 3D assets, working with existing assets and stylizing their appearance to better fit our game as well as helping us with the final integration in Unreal Engine.

We’re looking for someone that can:
  •     Create basic high-poly sculpts/models and retopologize them to low-poly models ready for game integration
  •     Bake details from a high-poly model onto a texture, create normal maps
  •     Either create materials/textures for the model or UV unwrap the models so another texture artist can easily work with them
Artist can use any software he's comfortable with, whether it is Maya, Blender, 3DS Max or a different program. The final expected output is in form of FBX models and textures. Knowledge of Substance apps is highly welcome, so is knowledge of working with Unreal Engine (that one would be especially useful for working together).

The expected scope of work for 3D artists is not short-term with just a few models - it would be a quite large contract work. I’d like to mention that we’re also looking for some way of collaboration in terms of creative freedom. Despite having moodboards, concept art and design artworks for reference, the final models will still require us to collaborate and come up with the most effective way to create aesthetically pleasing assets – which will in the end lead into creating a final scene.

The game is still unannounced, so we can't share the hi-res artwork directly here on the forum - but we really hope this above small image from our game will give you an idea for what we are aiming for. And If this job description interested you or if you would like to work with us, feel free to contact us and we can discuss further details. The art style of the game could be described as “stylized, with some cartoon influence while keeping realistic proportions” – something similar to a hybrid of Overwatch and Fortnite (which means we are looking for artists capable of creating assets in that style).

  • Remote work from home
  • Good salary/payoff evaluation
  • Contract work / freelance
Contact us on with personal portfolio:
[email protected]

Thank you very much for any interest!
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