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*I also posted this in technical talk https://polycount.com/discussion/219645/advice-vfx-substance-colorspace-workflow#latest
Hey so I have some questions and I'm interested in a general question on the topic.

So I've been working for a VFX house now for about 2 months and we are integrating the Substance suite into our pipeline, of course some general testing needs to be done before anything is set in stone and this becomes our preferred workflow (which I really think will happen in time).

First of the Substance suit is really great at what it does well in my opinion and not so great at other things you might do in Mari when working in VFX, so right now we are making materials in Designer and I took them into painter to make some general look dev work. 
Now then comes the question, can you really take it any further down the pipeline (Of course pipelines differ from companies) when Painter does not yet support ACES workflow .. I've seen some general ACES hacky methods using filters like then ones made by Jose Linares (https://forum.substance3d.com/index.php?topic=27727.0) and from my understanding, by no means smart enough about colorspace to make a good argument with or against it .. you get a passable result in Painter using these methods but your will be like I said using hacky methods so you wont get the range of values you can in a proper ACES workflow.

I know some studios/houses have been used by ILM, DNEG and in recent things like Substance for their VFX work on big projects like Stranger Things S03, The Umbrella Academy, The Expanse and more.

So what do you think? Have you used the Substance tools for VFX? Did you use both Painter and Designer or just one of them? 

Have a great weekend or day what ever time you see this  
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