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Repair workflow for 3D printable STL files

Hello - I'm a modeler myself and work with many other sculptors/artist on my team. A big time sink that I have is taking model that other folks deigned and repairing them to get the high standard I need. these models are all intended/designed to be supportless, and the workflow I do looks like this:

1) look at interior topology of mesh and fill in any gap.holes, small cavities, etc left from boolean operations
2) fix any supportless printing issues - meaning areas that 'overhang' or have islands where 3d printer support would be required. I do this by creating a plane and slowly moving it up the model from the base, looking for island areas then fixing them by smartly sculpting in or filling in areas on meh
3) fix other mesh topology errors, such as hole, overlapping vertices, etc. I use blender which has a nice workflow for this but sometimes manual mesh editing is needed.

If you have the skillet to do this please reach out. I'm looking for affordable rates less than I would pay for creative artistic sculpting but this is a paid position. I have many models that need work currently and will have a steady stream of them going forward. Please note that I am looking for somebody who has an understanding of 3D printing, and the workflow I described above, I am not looking to have to teach the workflow in detail. Please respond with rate information if interested.
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